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O Health Innovation PUC Paraná 2018 - hiPUC - visa desenvolver talentos para resolver problemas referentes ao combate e prevenção da resistência antimicrobiana.

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hiPUC Workshop in Health Innovation and Antimicrobial Resistance is a six-weekend program based on Stanford University’s Biodesign innovation process that combines design thinking and entrepreneurship to develop solutions for the health industry.

This year's participants will apply Biodesign to launch real-world projects on antimicrobial resistance under a One Health approach involving animal, human and environmental health.

In short, participants will develop proposals through observation, ideation and invention to meet the innovation needs of different health settings, such as hospitals, animal farms and the environment, in which antibiotic use, misuse and antimicrobial resistance are important issues.

To develop their pitches, participants will be grouped into multiprofessional teams and have the opportunity to be mentored by Stanford alumni and hilab founders, PUCPR faculty and fellows from the 2016 hiPUC Bootcamp.

Also, selected applicants will be eligible to participate in the competition for Best MVP (minimum viable product) during the hiPUC Workshop on AMR finale on November 23-24, 2018. The winning team will be awarded free enrollment in the 2019 Incubation Program at PUCPR Hot Milk startup accelerator program. 

Join in and experience an innovation environment where top professionals, academics, entrepreneurs and world-class mentors meet. Medicine, veterinary medicine, environment, health, engineering, design, IT, and business professionals and students are sought.

PROGRAM (14/9 to 10/11)

How to be an enterpreneur on AMR?

- Global challenges on AMR and One Health
- Animal and food challenges on AMR
- Environmental challenges on AMR
- bservation, Ideation and Implementation (The Biodesign concepts)
- Visit to a water and wastewater treatment plant
- Visit to a swine and chicken farm
- Hospitals Visits
 - The In Vitro Diagnosis Industry and its Needs on AMR
- How to build a Business Plan                               
- The Concepts of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
- How to present an efficient Pitch

Workshop Program (23 and 24/11)                 

- The impact of the use of antibiotics on animal production
- Presence of antibiotic residues in the environment
- Selective antimicrobial pressure in human health - how to avoid?
- Innovation in Antimicrobial Resistance
- Regional, National and Global AMR Surveillance
- Innovation in the detection or resistance genes
- Public policies to fight AMR
- MVPs Presentation - Pitches from the hiPUC 2018 teams 

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